Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Wish I Wasn't Blind

(original 10/1/2010)

Just one more Bruce Springsteen song title. More than that tonight. Tonight, for me, it's so much more than the song, the letters strung together in the lyrics of grace and beauty. For just a moment, before the wine kicks in, before that incredibly beautiful phone call, it's about the evil, the sadness, the struggles in the world. Fruitless, hopeless.

And then, just as I've snuck into the secret corner, isolating myself away from the darkness, I see another basket full of people who are saying no to the the crap. And yes to the light. Good tidings to all the folks out on the Washington Mall tomorrow. Glad tidings to the millions of young and old everywhere who daily put on their angel wings and fly for freedom and peace.

Cheers for the millions of arms lifting up the right time of day, sun smiling with them as they walk the walk tomorrow at the mall.

Cheers for my young son, gathering up friends, slapping together peanut butter sandwiches, bottles of fine beverages, presented with laughter and dignity to the homeless flock on the streets of San Francisco.

So I guess I don't wish I were blind, really. I wish that others, all the others would see. A world of sunshine, the world I tend to keep alive in my heart.

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